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Large and Commercial fresh Christmas trees are used for shopping centres, public events and large homes.

Large and Commercial trees are older trees that have been planted 8 to 20 years ago. These trees are harvested by appointment and require special machinery and transportation. 

As there is a limited amount of these Large and Commercial Christmas trees available, please fill out the form below to book in a harvest and delivery. 



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Large and Commercial Christmas trees are harder to install into a stand than smaller trees and require large Christmas tree stands as well as delivery in large trucks.



Delivery is an optional service we provide, as Christmas is our busy period, we will need to book a truck for the delivery. 

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Bar Code Product name   Price  
Fresh Tree F11 - 3.35M Fresh Christmas tree 11Ft (3.35M)
  • $485.50
Fresh Tree F12 - 3.66M Fresh Christmas tree 12Ft (3.66M)
  • $554.86
Fresh Tree F13 - 3.96M Fresh Christmas tree 13Ft (3.96M)
  • $624.22
Fresh Tree F14 - 4.27M Fresh Christmas tree 14Ft (4.27M)
  • $693.58
Fresh Tree F15 - 4.60M Fresh Christmas tree 15Ft (4.60M)
  • $832.29